Welcome to the 7th edition of ReMode’s zine CLOUT – Tattered Treasures: The Critters World.

This issue is themed ‘Tattered Treasure: The Critter World’, focussing on the microworlds of critters as a point of contact between the invaluable networks of mutual aid they create and the injury done to them by the garment industry and our wider capitalist and consumerist systems.

Much of the work throughout this zine was created during a set of workshops at ReMode exploring these ideas through textile art, writing, digital art and illustration. We also invited submissions exploring the treasures and potentialities of our ecological world, as well as the tiny universes of our critter co-inhabitants, in the face of environmental catastrophe.

Textiles have been used for millennia as a means of communication and storytelling. In the workshops at ReMode we gave new life to scrap fabrics to create critter characters, envisioning the flourishing of future life as a compost decaying landfill waste. In doing so, seemingly useless ‘scrap’ became a ‘treasured’ and rich resource. The various threads of history, industry and labour that intricately weaved together to form these discarded fabrics inspired a comparison between essential systems of ecological interdependence, and systems of human cooperation and resistance that ought to grow (or continue to) in order to build a thriving future. In this way we were reminded to harness and value small-scale power as the basis of structural change, and to embrace decay (be it of earthly matter or global structures), as the inevitable grounds for new growth. 

It was such a pleasure to celebrate the launch of this Zine with friends of ReMode and say one final goodbye to our old shop space on Paisley High Street. We have been so in awe of and inspired by the pieces of work created by our young people at ReMode as well as those submitted to us. Thank you for all of your energy, creativity and thought!

With thanks to;

Design by Frances Lingard

With thanks to Silas Curtis, Rae Halliday, Frances Lingard, River MacAskill and Jack Patton for workshopping the contents of this edition with our participants as well as contributing themselves.⁠

Limited edition paper copies of Clout #7 are available to order here along with back issues #1-6.