We’re delighted to be involved in celebrating Paisley’s annual Sma’ Shot Day, one of the oldest workers’ festivals in the world – and we’d love to invite you to join in too!

The festival is taking place virtually this year with a programme of online events commemorating the historic victory of local weavers, and the invaluable contribution of today’s key workers across Renfrewshire. 

Get involved!

We are inviting you (and your family, friends & neighbours) to dress up for the day and dress up your window too – taking inspiration from key workers of the past, present and future.

Our two ‘how to’ tutorials should help spark some ideas for this. 

Both tutorials are packed full of useful hints and tips. And, of course, you’re free to come up with some ideas of your own and be as creative as you like.

Make Your Own Mop Hat & Apron for Sma’ Shot Day 

Designer Niki Taylor demonstrates how to make your own mop hat and apron at home. Inspired by garments traditionally worn by Paisley weavers, whose victory for better pay has been celebrated annually in the town since the dispute with manufacturers was settled in 1856.

Window Decorating for Sma’ Shot Day

ReMode’s Carolyn Edmondson helps you gather simple materials from around your home to create a bright and fun art work for your window. 

Thanks for watching! We look forward to seeing your creations. Be sure to share on social media channels & tag us! #remodepaisley #remode @ReModeIt @remode_youth