In the fifth and final of our guest maker series, we sent designer Christopher Reid a mystery pack of discarded fabrics and garments and asked them to take on our upcycling challenge.

In this short interview, ReMode’s guest blogger Thomas Dixon asks Christopher about their design ideas behind the garments created, sourcing fabrics and approaches to sustainability.

“Getting any sort of fabrics donated is such as buzz … .I love working with old curtains – they’re going to get a second life which is really exciting.

I like to draw and add an extra element to the fabric…I blew up some of the pictures from the Berwick witch trials – a wood carving – and added them. I love the idea of designing something that is going to be kept .. it’s not a throw away thing.”

Process films
Final Bodice Front
Final Bodice Back
Final Skirt Front
Final Skirt Back

See instagram to find out more about Christopher’s work or read this article on Dazed Digital.

If you’ve been inspired to take on your own upcycling project we have Upcycle Mystery Packs available in our online shop.