Fashion Jigsaws workshops – Paisley – August 2019

This was a fun and inspiring set of workshops at Brew Paisley. The group learned that there’s no need to throw away clothes just because of a stain or a hard-to-fix rip.  Instead you can deconstruct and combine with another garment!

In preparation for the workshops our team of volunteers started work on a bundle of old clothes that had been donated to ReMode but were not in good enough condition to be sold in the shop.  These clothes were deconstructed into their different elements – sleeves, cuffs, collars, front & back panels – all ready for the workshop.

Participants in the workshop spent some time looking at different colour, texture and shape combinations until they came up with a unique and stylish design.  Under the guidance of tutor Carolyn it was then time to hit the sewing machines and construct the garments.  We were really delighted with creative and unique clothes created!

Take a look at some of the Fashion Jigsaw garments, along with other creations –  available in our online shop.