On the night of Wednesday the 27th of October we teamed up with renowned music venue The Bungalow to host a night of music and costume making.

The event, named Mic & Mend, was organised by The ReMotivators and consisted of costume making and performances. It was the perfect way for people to come together, be entertained by the performers that took to the stage and make their Halloween costumes. All with less impact on the environment, as the materials we brought down to the venue were recycled – no-one had to buy new costumes for this year’s Halloween parties.

The open mic event included performances by local young musician Jamie Welsh and singer Rosa Cameron and was compared by Freya McEwan.

The ReMotivators formed as part of The Change Room, a project run by ReMode to engage and encourage youth in environmental activism.

Amy Gardner, ReMode’s new marketing and fundraising assistant attended Mic & Mend and said
there was such a wonderful atmosphere. Seeing people sewing, cutting up fabrics and making exciting outfits in the same space as fantastic musicians performing on a beautifully lit stage was not something I’d seen before, and it worked so well! I’m looking forward to seeing what the ReMotivators plan next.

If you’re 13-25 and interested in getting involved with the ReMotivators then follow this link to find out more. https://remodeyouth.org/the-change-room/