VOX by ReMode. Fashion Show March 2019

Our fashion show was a fun and spectacular event – with five collections of clothes made by participants and volunteers, and 5 short animated films created by school pupils and students at UWS.

The theme of the show was the voice – as a literal one for shouting and singing, but more resonantly as the symbolic and collective expression of youthful dissent, protest and joy. Classical singer Louise Macdonald gave a live performance of Non, Je Ne Regret Rien, and the sound track by Anders Rigg featured spoken word sections by environmental activist from Rachel Carson and 16 year old Greta Thunberg.

We were delighted to also be able to present guest collections by local designers David Black and Cassandra Mcindoe.

The evening was rounded off with Swish clothes swap event – where over 250 items found new homes!

The evening was made possible by the enthusiasm and hard work of 25 volunteers on the night, plus the contributions of all the garment makers and film makers.

Photos from event filming by Kevin Cameron & Paul Russell

Event Photos by Ross Barlass @barlass_photography

Backstage and SWISH photos by Martina Tuskova @martinatuskovaphotography

Rehearsal and set up photos by Paul Cameron

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