CLOUT Issue 1


We’re delighted to launch the first edition of CLOUT – curated by Paisley based artist Indie McCue.

Conversation topics include:

  • climate change
  • politics
  • community
  • gender
  • sexuality

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‘Clout’ was formed as a response to this obviously present lack of connection and communication surrounding issues of sustainability that negatively impact all of us be that in political ways, societal ways or both.

The physical design was strongly informed by a polished DIY aesthetic. Artist Indie McCue and our Creative Director Gillian Steel wanted the life of the zine to be as long as possible so the zine also doubles as a poster and we encourage it to be used in origami creation there after.

It has been printed using recycled and uncoated paper so that at the end of its life (when that comes) it can be easily recycled and naturally broken down into papier mâché or paper pulp for paper making where it begins its cycle again.