CLOUT Issue 4: What COP?


Edition #4 of Clout marks the UN Climate Change Conference COP26 – and aims to embody “do with what you have in the time you have to do it”.

We sincerely hope that the whole hearted energy, faith and co-operation shown by contributors to this zine is mirrored by the global representatives who come together at the conference.

Thanks to:

  • Kengkeng Watt
  • Jennifer Jones
  • Niki Taylor
  • Nuala Forde
  • Mohammed Kunaid
  • Jack Patton
  • Amy Gardner
  • Amie Armstrong

design by Zeynep Arman

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The C-19 pandemic and the resulting global lockdowns during 2020/21 have served as an aperture through which many people in many places have glimpsed new possibilities. The restrictions that were imposed necessitated an actualisation of new ways of working and living. Promissory notes from social movements of the past resurfaced about work patterns, shop local and make and mend.