CLOUT Issue 6: ReVolution ReMode


Clout! Issue 6 has been published in solidarity and to coincide with Fashion Revolution Week 2022 which takes place annually on the anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse in 2013.

Thanks to:

  • Max Scratchmann⁠
  • Tara Fitzpatrick
  • Jacqueline Jay Wilde
  • Carole Turner
  • Estefania Badilla Mora
  • Rachel Halliday
  • Emma Ewart
  • Keng Keng Watt
  • Finni Porter Chambers
  • Ian MacKenzie
  • Mohammed Junaid Kiani
  • Christopher Reid
  • Heather Meldrum
  • Fiona Lindsay
  • Ameerah Kiani
  • Melody Uyanga Ramsay

design by Zeynep Arman

With thanks to Victoria McNulty for workshopping the contents of this edition with our participants.

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Our zine is a space where those who have something to say can trial approaches to communicating their ideas in a variety of forms including poetry, prose, drawings photographs and others – not yet thought of. It has been a great privilege for us to work together in supporting the development and articulation of these voices.