ReMode Creative Director Gillian Steel shares updates on developments at ReMode since the easing of lockdown.

ReMode Paisley

“Like many things post C-19, ReMode is adapting and changing. In early July we reopened our shop in Paisley in line with all the required shenanigans around social distancing, constant cleaning of hands and hazmat suits etc. We also had to install new systems for accepting donations, placing them in quarantine, washing, then placing them on the shop floor. Unfortunately we can no longer provide a changing room for you to try things on but are happy for garments to be purchased, tried on at home and returned should you need to.

Again like many other people we were nervous about how things would go  – Would we be safe? Would our shop visitors be safe? Would any one come?… and to cut a long story short what has emerged has been a really positive experience of reconnecting to regular visitors, lots of newcomers, big conversations about lockdown experiences and hopes for the pandemic as a trigger for change – in particular changes in how we work, live and consume.”

ReMode Lochwinnoch

“In terms of our Lochwinnoch branch we are re-shaping the use of our shop at 39 High Street, with the main change being that it will no longer function as an outlet for our vintage and hand made clothes. However the space will still be a venue for the following :

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