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Whether you’re looking for unique upcycled clothing, stylish second hand items, or want to get creative yourself, we think you’ll find something in one of our collections.

We’re all about preventing valuable resources from ending up in landfill, by giving them a new lease of life. By purchasing from us, you are becoming part of the ReMode story. We hope you love your new purchases!

Select from one of our four ranges:

ReMode Make Packs

Our new 'make at home' collection. Each pack contains everything you need for your own upcycling project.

The ReMode Collection

Each garment is a unique, one of a kind creation – transformed from discarded fabrics and unwanted clothing into something that has been worked on with care, creativity, an eye for detail and a passion for the ReMode vision of a circular economy.

ReMode Handpicked

A carefully selected range of second hand garments sold via DePop. There's something about each item that has caught our eye which means it deserves a place in our collection.

Clout Zine

Our new Zine 'Clout' curated by artist Indie McCue features a variety of works from different artists. Clout's conversation topics include: climate change; politics; community; gender & sexuality.