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15/10/2020 7:30 pm - 8:00 pm Facebook

A half hour guided studio tour showing the process of transforming nettles from plant fibre to a knitted sample.

ReMode’s Creative Director Gillian Steel in conversation with Peter Livingstone from EADHA Enterprises.

The project has been looking at different ways we can explore the intrinsic value of fabric as a creative resource – whatever its origin. This has involved looking at what local resources are available that can be used as raw materials for future projects – whether that be resources from nature such as nettles; waste from local manufacturers; or discarded second hand garments.

We have been working with groups of local people in Paisley to share skills in using discarded fabrics and industrial off cuts from manufacturing to create new garments.

A Facebook Live event.


This event is part of ReMode’s “Reel Lives” project – funded by Renfrewshire Council’s CHEF fund.