A collaborative experimental print project between Threadlines and ReMode.

Threadlines is an artist led project part of THCARS2 regeneration programme that took place 2017 – 2019. Threadlines collaborated with community groups in Paisley to create artworks which explore, activate and are inspired by the printed textiles heritage of Paisley.

Threadlines collaborated with ReMode to create a series of wearable print objects and garments. The group of young people at ReMode made an experimental collection of hats, goggles, gloves, knee pads and shoe soles could be worn and printed with. The group also experimented with performative print, making patterns and compositions on paper and fabric through body movements to music.



Shoe Soles for printing

Printing with shoe soles

We took the printed fabrics for a photoshoot in Lochwinnoch to create images and visuals for our collection. Through signals and body actions we created a material ritual with our printed fabrics. The images were edited to hyper colour palettes that look like they’ve soaked in a radioactive solution. With the colours and prints slowly transforming and decaying, the images are alive and summoning a change of old ways.

Original and digital versions of these fabrics were sewn in to garments including The Buddy Suit – to be worn and danced in with friends – and a collection of unique bomber jackets.

Further links to Threadlines work can be seen at:

Instagram: @threadlines

Paisley Is: Threadlines 2017 to 2020 – TH.CARS2 Archive Events

Bomber Jacket back

Bomber Jacket side

The Buddy Suit front

The Buddy Suit back