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12/08/2022 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Lochwinnoch Primary

We’ve teamed up with Lochwinnoch Community Larder to make 300 cloth bags in one day for them to provide their members with!

If you’d like to volunteer with us for the day, please email

See notes form Lochwinnoch Community Larder below for full details.

Lochwinnoch Community Larder currently run a service where they redistribute surplus food from supermarkets that would normally end up in landfill, to those that can use it. The point of the larder is not just to provide food to those that are in need, like a foodbank, but to make the food available to all so that is is a dignified community food provision, that also supports tackling climate change.

One of Lochwinnoch Community Larder’s partners; LIDL have awarded them with £500 to put towards making cloth bags. The aim of this project is to involve current volunteers, and members who use the current service to deliver this project. Fabric production is one of the biggest industries harming our planet, and therefore one of the Larder’s aims is to produce these bags with minimum carbon emissions and using fabric that again may end up going into landfill.

The Larder use the space that ReMode used to be in, in Lochwinnoch, so as they are aware that this is a similar ethos to ours, for repurposing fabric, they thought it would be an amazing opportunity to link up.

We want this to be a sustainable project, however in order to launch the original batch of bags (300 is the aim) we want to get volunteers from both ReMode and the Larder involved. We will be making food for the volunteers from available food in the larder and will also ensure that there are enough volunteers to have substantial breaks to therefore not create a “sweat shop” environment. The aim is for each bag to be individual due to the fabric donated and also for it to be a learning and relationship building exercise between the two.